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Are you thinking about hosting your event with a view? From extensive seafront locations, white sandy beaches overlooking large blue lagoons to delightful landscaped tropical gardens with sheer luxury of space that can accommodate from 25 people up to 2,500 people... Maurtius is our pick!  To end that perfect day, we can provide a customized outdoor signature event for your group to watch a tropical sunset– those mesmerizing shades that will have you transfixed until the last slither of sun sinks below the horizon.

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7 Event Reports You Need to Gauge Your Success
Every event has a purpose.  Whether it’s a fundraising goal, a celebration for a guest of honor, or an opportunity to increase a company’s public profile, there’s likely a business objective.  Thus, measuring your event ROI is an important part of event execution.  However, defining ROI isn’t so easy. 

At Glow, we give you access to our many reports with accurate information at all times. We have the ability to run and securely share reports anytime, anywhere, through our real-time links.  The following seven reports offer the best window into your event’s success and effectiveness.

Check-In Report
This report gives you insight into guest arrival times.  If a majority of the group showed up late, it could inform your decision making for your next event.  
Master Attendee Report
This report gives you data on attendee type and status.  With Status, you can determine how many cancellations and no-shows you had.  With Type, you can denote how many general and VIP attendees you had, as well as speakers and sponsors.
Budget Report by Category
Here, you can determine how your final costs lined up with your initial estimates.  This is a line item report, so you can see which purchases led to overspending.
Budget Report by Vendor
Similar to the category report, this also helps you assess your spending and plan ahead for next year. Knowing your spend by vendor also offers leverage in negotiating.
The revenue report details how much money your event generated.
Accommodation Report
This report is less common but can help you calculate costs spent on guest accommodations within the venue.
Transportation Report
Which transportation methods were used for most of your guests?  Which ones were most expensive or cost-effective?  This informs your plans for the next go-round.
When your event is over, there’s still plenty of work to be done to make a ruling on your success.  These reports determine your ROI and help you make better decisions for subsequent events.
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