Why project managers are the glue of every event

The most flawlessly executed events are the result of several moving parts – dynamic talent, interactive segments, sumptuous catering, and so on. But what brings all these elements together is airtight project management, driven by a passionate professional and intuitive, cutting-edge tools.

Project managers are the conductors of events

In an orchestra, a conductor’s ultimate job is to keep time, problem solve, and create a clear, unified vision, all of which results in a masterful performance. A skilled project manager does the same for events.

The project manager steers the event team through the entire process, from building out the initial concept to leading the charge on event day. Their responsibilities span far and wide, encompassing macro concerns (e.g., venue selection, cost management, etc.) and minor details (e.g., table centerpieces, dinner menus, etc.). They touch every element, ensuring all along that the event stays on budget and on schedule. It’s a job with an incredible scope that requires leadership capacity, effective communication, and – most importantly – the right tools.

The importance of project management tools

With so many priorities to balance, it’s easy to drop the ball on something. Imagine, for instance, if the event date were to change and the caterers knew but not the marketing lead running the email campaign. No matter how competent the project manager – or how much that project manager loves manual processes like traditional spreadsheets – there has to be a homebase where every detail can be captured and every member of the team can stay in the know. That’s what great project management tools do.

Project management software makes it easy to define, track, and update every part of the process. At Glow Global, we turn to Trello, a visual collaboration tool. What stands out most about Trello are the boards, which can be broken down by event, category, and task. For example, a project manager can create a board for an event. Within the board, they can create lists for major responsibilities (like catering, talent management, venue, and so on). Then, they can add task cards with due dates within those lists. Essentially, the project manager can get a bird’s eye view of the entire event planning process, and then zoom in to a specific duty to find out what is and isn’t done, and who’s responsible.

Without a centralized tool like Trello, duties are bound to be overlooked or team members are likely to be left out. While at Glow we use Trello, there are several other tools out there, like Asana, Basecamp, and monday.com.

Project management, inclusive of talented pros and digital tools, is the glue that holds events together. This month, our Glow-Getters are bringing superior project management to two events. A Philanthropic Partnership for Black Communities’ Connecting Leaders Fellowship Summit assembles November 13-18, with a focus on leadership capacity-building for foundation staff, donors, and trustees focused on philanthropy in Black communities. Facing Race, Race Forward’s national conference, takes place November 17-19 and features a keynote speech from award-winning author and historian Dr. Ibram X. Kendi.

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