Employee wellness has never been more important. American workers often fail to use their paid time off, and burnout is one of the top three reasons that millennials and Gen Zers quit their jobs. Not to mention, the Great Reshuffle has led many employees to reexamine their values and join companies where their mental health and work-life balance are prioritized. At Glow Global, these focuses are ingrained in our professional culture, and we live those values proudly during Founder’s Week.

Started in 2021, Founder’s Week is an annual, weeklong company holiday in July, during which employees can rest, rejuvenate, and enjoy a midyear reset. Our clients and their events are incredibly important to us, but equally important is the well-being of our team. We know that, in order to deliver our professional best, we must achieve our personal best. That starts with taking time away from work to tend to our minds, bodies, and spirits, and to the people and passions that make us whole. Founder’s Week reaffirms our commitment to our staff and their work-life balance.

We hope that all of you have had, or will have, space for restoration and calm at some point this summer.