Our mission statement reflects our commitment to top-quality productions and seamless service 

As we at Glow Global Events approach our 25th anniversary, we’ve been reflecting on our journey, our accomplishments, and everything that sets us apart. If we had to sum up the secret to our longevity, we’d look to our mission statement: “Let us take care of your event so you can take care of business”. It’s a catchy yet powerful slogan that perfectly communicates our ethos.

We’re industry experts – we understand the level of dedication that’s required to produce flawless events. But also, as an independently owned agency, we know how demanding it is to run a company. Thus, we believe that no executive should be forced to choose between managing an event and managing a business.

Ultimately, that’s the value we provide. Yes, we produce unforgettable experiences, and we help organizations achieve their fundraising goals. But we also make event planning seamless for our clients, bringing their plans to fruition without pulling them away from their everyday duties.

For those hands-on leaders who might be wrestling with the decision to hire an event planning agency, there are three crucial reasons to do so:

  1. An agency protects your interests: Event planners know which questions to ask to keep your event on schedule and on budget. From selecting the right venue to managing travel accommodations, we prioritize your needs at every stage of the process. In short, we’ve got your back.
  2. An agency gives you back time: We’re passionate, skilled experts in event planning, and we know how to pull together stellar experiences quickly. Even on the tightest schedule, we utilize our proven strategies and tools to ensure no detail is overlooked and every deadline is met. We only involve you when it’s absolutely necessary.
  3. An agency adds a special creative touch: As veterans of the events business, we know how to make events pop, with those intricate final details that stick with attendees long after they’ve returned home. We add original ideas that protect your brand identity and impress your audience, without padding your costs or losing sight of your objectives.

When you put your event in trusted hands, you can keep doing what you love without distraction. Contact us today, so we can take care of you – and you can keep taking care of business.