Glow Global Events team visited The Weylin in Brooklyn with client

Attending site visits is an essential part of event planning that should not be overlooked. Site visits allow planners and the client to get a better understanding of the venue and become familiar with any potential issues or challenges before the actual event day. Not only this, but it also allows them to assess the available amenities, note potential safety hazards and ensure they have access to all the necessary resources to make their event a success.

In addition, it is important to understand the layout of the site and identify any limitations or restrictions that may affect the event plans. This will also help in assessing if there are any special needs that need to be accommodated such as wheelchair accessibility or other accommodations for guests with disabilities.

Finally, it is important to make sure that the site visit takes place before any contracts are signed and deposits are paid. This allows planners to assess if the venue is suitable for their needs and if there are any additional costs or fees associated with it. All of this information can be invaluable in making informed decisions about which venue will best suit the event’s needs. By attending site visits, event planners can ensure that their events are successful and run smoothly. In the end, this can help them save time and money while making sure your guests have a great experience. It is ultimately a critical step in the event planning process.

Attending site visits are an important part of successful event planning and should not be overlooked.