The day before your event! All your hard work is about to be put into action! All that remains is the event day and some final event preparation. Here are important things to do before your event to ensure that your event is successful.

1. Pack an “event Box”. Make sure you have all necessary handouts and anything that could be needed in any situation.

2. Reminder email for attendees! It is important to communicate day-of details such as directions, parking instructions, etc. Also sharing the agenda will create excitement for attendees and give them an idea of what to expect.

3. Walk through the venue space. Try putting yourself in the mind of the attendee. Is all signage correctly placed to properly direct someone?

4. Confirm all details with vendors, and speakers, make sure they have all their needs.

5. Ensure your staff is clear of their roles and responsibilities.

6. RELAX! Your event is tomorrow!