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Trend Alert: Awards Show Parties Are All The Rage

We’re officially in awards season.  The Golden Globes are January 7, the People’s Choice Awards are January 10, and the NAACP Awards are January 15.  Then, there’s the SAG Awards (Jan. 21), the Grammys (Jan. 28), the independent Spirit Awards (March 3), and the holy grail of awards shows, the Oscars (March 4).  With so many accolades being handed out in quick succession, awards show-themed parties will be just as frequent.

Simply watching these shows on the couch is no fun.  Throwing a themed party allows viewers to join in on the glamour and excitement of these big Hollywood nights.  Not sure where to start? Here are a few tips:

  • Make a popcorn bar: Most of these awards shows center around movies, and what better way to enjoy movies than popcorn. Get creative and create a multi-flavor popcorn bar with movie-themed decorations like Hollywood stars and faux film reels.
  • Go glam: Though the red carpet is still luxurious today, no era calls to mind Hollywood glamour like the 20s. Challenge your guests to rock their best 1920s-inspired ensembles to bring the decadent decade back to life.
  • Customized desserts: Just because your guests aren’t in the audience doesn’t mean they can’t win something. Customize your dessert offerings with award inserts for Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Director.

Whatever you do, make it fun, and make your awards show party one to remember.  But don’t forget to DVR the shows so you can revisit the memorable moments.  With the recent downfall of several high-profile Hollywood abusers, this year’s speeches are bound to become trending topics for weeks to come.