Glow Global Events is proud to have produced the United Way of New York City’s 16th Power of Women to Make a Difference Luncheon.  This annual celebration commemorates Women’s History Month by spotlighting distinguished women who effect change in their communities.  Emmy-winning host and TV personality Lilliana Vazquez was the emcee, and the ceremony honored NYC Kids RISE Executive Director Debra-Ellen Glickstein and McKissack & McKissack President & CEO, Cheryl McKissack Daniel. Together, we raised nearly $1 million for the ReadNYC program. You can see highlights from the event here.

The requirements to successfully produce events like this luncheon may vary based on the industry, the audience, or the location, but there are three helpful tips that can ensure success in every scenario.

Plan with purpose
DO: Develop an agenda with clearly set goals.
DON’T: Make decisions without input from your team members.
Ensure your event has a clear “why”.  Be it fundraising, awareness, or recognition, a defined purpose helps the client achieve their goals and keeps your staff striving for the same outcome.  Just make sure to consult your team for any event-related decisions, to encourage teamwork, boost morale, and gain insights that you’d miss otherwise.

Focus on the details
DO: Set a clear date, time, and location.
DON’T: Be inflexible.
It’s absolutely crucial for all involved parties (e.g., talent, attendees, vendors, etc.) to know when and where your event is taking place.  But in an ever-changing pandemic environment, you should be ready to adapt at a moment’s notice.  Prep your plan B (and plan C, too), and outline your communication strategy to keep everyone in the know.

Think safety
DO: Follow local, state, and federal health guidelines.
DON’T: Leave without properly cleaning up after the event.
Cleanliness matters, especially in the COVID era.  Keep guests safe and healthy by complying with current mask guidance, encouraging everyone to thoroughly wash their hands, and providing hand sanitizer.  And once the event wraps up, leave the space in tip-top shape, to foster a positive, long-term relationship with the venue.

There are countless aspects involved in executing a winning event, and those aspects are evolving rapidly, but these three steps are necessary for all events, regardless of how the industry changes.

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