Achieve this Zen New Year’s resolution with a few simple steps

This time of year, many companies take advantage of the “fresh start effect” and commit to lofty New Year’s resolutions. The clean slate reenergizes business leaders, making even the most aggressive goals seem possible. But there’s one step that’s often overlooked (and that can help everyone press forward when the novelty of the new calendar year wears off) – cleansing the workplace aura.

What is an aura?

Ancient practitioners of medicine believed everyone had an aura, an electromagnetic field of energy that reflected an individual’s health via seven distinct layers. Today, it’s more common to find aura photos, pictures that use vibrant colors to represent personality traits and overall well-being. Certain colors indicate positive auras while others suggest negative feelings.

Though this practice is usually centered around the individual, it’s widely believed that objects and places have auras, too. And your workplace is no exception.

Just think of a time you’ve entered the office and felt overwhelmed by negative energy, even without anyone uttering a word. Your workplace aura may have felt heavy on this day, suggesting a lot of built-up anger or grief – not an environment that anyone wants to work in, yet many of us do. 30 million American workers say their workplace culture is toxic. That’s troubling, but the good news is auras constantly change and a few simple steps can help you rid your office of bad vibes.

3 ways to cleanse your workplace aura

It all starts with individual mindfulness – if each employee tends to their well-being every day, they’re better prepared to handle small, daily stressors and major challenges. Here at Glow Global, we ring a chime at 2:15 p.m. each day, signaling a brief break for breathwork. At least once a day, our team members have an opportunity to take deep breaths and reset. (But we encourage them to do this as often as needed.) Maybe it’s the same for your employees, or another routine mindfulness practice like body scanning or visualization.

We also strongly believe in time off to recharge. U.S. workers leave a lot of unused vacation time on the table, leading to burnout. Our offices close for a full week every July for a companywide wellness break, ensuring everyone has an opportunity for rejuvenation. If not already in place, create a system or tradition to help your employees take time off regularly.

Lastly, incorporate a gratitude practice into your process. Maybe it’s encouraging employees to recognize one another, managers recognizing their direct reports, or everyone receiving a gratitude journal to jot down their appreciation. The more you can channel positivity into the everyday, the more enjoyable the workplace becomes.

In turn, a cleansed workplace aura provides a sturdy foundation to achieve your 2023 goals. If those goals include flawlessly executed events, get in touch with us today to share the details.