Red carpet events are back, and they’re just as fabulous as ever. Earlier this month, the Emmys returned in fierce form; several film festivals have ditched virtual-only screenings for in-person viewing; and fundraising galas are finally bringing supporters together in one room. But with all the joy, glamour, and excitement of the season upon us, is there a way to acknowledge ongoing pandemic concerns without dampening the fun?

A frictionless onsite experience

Event planners are accustomed to staging frictionless events – it’s always necessary to get guests checked in and to their tables as quickly and seamlessly as possible. But in this “post-COVID” era, a friction-free experience also means a low-touch and hygienic one. We may be beyond mask mandates and mandatory testing, but there are still ways to reduce the spread of germs, such as touchless check-in and payments, individually packaged hors d’oeuvres, and interactive displays activated by gestures.

Give guests space

Events should take place in venues with proper ventilation and enough room for attendees to maintain distance. Think back to the 2021 Oscars, which took place in Los Angeles’ Union Station instead of a traditional auditorium. The offbeat location allowed safe distancing without awkward seating. It was an added bonus that the venue’s retro trappings added elements of 1950s-style glitz to the telecast.

Step up pre-event communication

Even if the most important aspect of your red carpet event is the cocktail dress code, don’t skimp on the logistical details beforehand. Be sure to send comprehensive emails ahead of time informing guests about health and safety guidelines and expectations. If precautions are lax, that may lead some to RSVP while others steer clear. But by sharing everything upfront, you can give attendees the specifics they need to make the right choice for them.

The full return of red carpet events may offer a welcome reprieve from the last few years of virtual ceremonies, but we can’t return to business as usual. A few extra considerations can ensure an evening that’s both logistically smooth and wonderfully elegant.

Our Glow-Getters are donning festive attire for “Imagine Dignity”, Acumen’s forthcoming gala benefitting the organization’s efforts to address global poverty. The event takes place September 22 at Chelsea Industrial in New York City. Visit the official event website for more details, and contact us today to start planning your next event.