A key part of event planning is the Audio/ Visual Checklist. Understanding what equipment and services you need for your event ensures that it is successful. Here are some items to include in your checklist:

1. Mixer / sound board: You will need a mixer or sound board to control audio levels, effects, and other settings. It is important to find the right size and type of mixer that will meet your event’s needs.

2. Aspect ratio: The aspect ratio for screens at the event should be chosen based on how many people will be attending and what type of content you want to show (HD or standard definition).

3. Projectors: To show images and other visuals on a large scale, event planners should consider using projectors. It is important to choose a projector that can handle the size of the image or video you want shown.

4. Microphones: For larger events, it’s essential to have multiple microphones in order to make sure everyone can be heard. Additionally, different types of microphones are designed for different purposes (e.g., hand-held or lavaliere).

5. Bandwidth: To accommodate the number of devices that will be used at the event, it is important to have enough bandwidth to support them all. This can be provided by an internet service provider or other external sources.

6. Transmitters & Receivers: In order to effectively transmit audio and visual signals at the event, event planners should consider using transmitters and receivers. It is important to choose ones that are reliable and will provide clear signals during the event.

By following this Audio/ Visual Checklist for your event, you can ensure that all of the necessary audio/visual equipment and services are available so that your event runs smoothly.

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